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Any questions about our service? Read on…

Where are we based?

Unit 13 South Road,
CM20 2AP

Is there a transaction fee?

No. Our belief is that saving our customers time and providing a good service and fair valuation is the most important thing, we do not charge fees, hidden or otherwise and provided your vehicle is as described we do not haggle once you arrive for your appointment.

Can I just turn up to one of your branches?

Appointments are not always necessary, so if you haven't made an appointment online, you can just call your local branch to see if someone is available, then just pop in, the kettles always on !
Booking an appointment ensures we'll be ready for your arrival and will have the time to inspect your car.

I have outstanding finance against my car. Can you buy it?

We can arrange settlement of any outstanding finance on your car. We would require you to provide an in date letter from your finance company, detailing the current settlement figure and your agreement reference number. We would then settle the balance at the time of purchase or within 3 working days.

Do you buy cars with private registration plates?

Yes we do, you can leave the plate on the vehicle or remove it via DVLA prior to selling the car to us.

My car is a non-runner will you still buy it?

Yes we will, we can purchase your car as a non-runner and you can either make your own arrangements to get the car to us or we can collect the vehicle, this does incur our only fee payable for the collection service 65 pounds.

I cannot find my vehicle on your website

If you cannot find your vehicle on our website we would still love to buy it ! Please give us a call and we will value your car for you.

Call: 01279 89 79 77

Will you collect my car?

We usually ask that you arrange an appointment and pop your car along to us, but if this is a problem we do offer a collection service, there is a fee for this of 65 pounds and this is payable upfront, unless the vehicle has previously been inspected by us, in that case we will collect the car and simply deduct the fee from the price.

Please note this is our only fee, we do not charge a fee to buy your car or for any other part of our service to you, it is simply to cover the cost of the collection.

How and when will I receive payment for my car?

Bacs Payment (Bank Transfer) the same day, unless its after 4pm then it may be the next working day, there are no fees for prompt payment either !

How long should my appointment take?

Around 30 minutes, depends if you have time for coffee or not !

What if the V5 registration document is not in my name?

We can only purchase you vehicle if the V5 is in your name or your companies if you are a business, this is only to prevent fraud, not because we don't trust you! If there is a genuine reason why the V5 is not in your name such as bereavement or recent change of ownership, please contact us and we will try our best to help you.

What should I expect at an appointment?

One of our vehicle purchasers will inspect your vehicle and subject to you vehicle having a current mot and road tax, we will test drive the vehicle, you may come along if you wish. After the test drive and inspection we will invite you in to the office to view the paper work for your vehicle and make you a firm offer to buy your car.

Please note that we do not offer high prices online just to get you to come down and then find fault with your vehicle and offer a lower price, please take time to describe your vehicle correctly before the appointment so that we may be as accurate as possible in our initial non binding valuation.

We appreciate that not everyone is a motor trade professional and you may not be aware of all of the faults a vehicle may have, so don't worry about this as we understand.

Please also note that if we cannot conduct a test drive before the vehicle purchaser makes an offer (due to the car not having Mot or Road tax or due to it not being safe to do so) then the valuation will take this in to account and your offer may be lower.

The price may differ from your online valuation if we consider that the vehicles value is affected by any aspect of it's condition, history or mechanical condition.

Please understand we are not here to catch you out ! If you offer us a 10 out of 10 car and we make an offer and you arrive with a 10 out of 10 car we will pay what we have offered, simple!

My car is an import will you still buy it?

If your vehicle is U.K. Registered then we are interested yes !

Do I leave my vehicle with you if I agree to sell?

Yes. Please make sure you have transport arranged should you decide to sell to us.

Do you buy from companies?

Yes, we buy from companies of all shapes and sizes across the U.K. So why not give us a try and see what we can do for you ?

Do you buy from the motor trade?

At the present time it is not our policy to buy vehicles from the trade.

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